Bedroom Decor Tips

Decorating a bedroom can be a challenging, yet fun experience if you keep a few bedroom decor tips in mind. You will want the room to be relaxing and inviting at the end of a long day, so decorate it accordingly.

Start with a wall color that is calming and soothing to you. Avoid using very bright colors that tend to energize a room, since this is the room you will be sleeping in. Color such as greens and blues are known as calming colors that promote feelings of tranquility. Neutral colors such as shades of whites and creams are also good to help create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Avoid harsh bedroom lighting. If you need a light for reading that is brighter than the other lighting in the room, that’s fine, but stay away from glaring, bright lights. Experiment with various styles of lamps and bulbs to find the right lighting the works with your room to give it a comforting, relaxed feel.

One of the most important bedroom decor tips to promote a good night’s sleep is to avoid clutter in the bedroom. If you have a lot of clutter and confusion in the room, this does not promote relaxation and sleep. Keep the clutter to a minimum so that you have a nice, organized space in which to relax in the evening. Clutter in general tends to clutter the mind, which is not helpful in helping you achieve a good night’s rest.

Staying with the topic of promoting better sleep, it is wise to keep electronics such as televisions and computers out of the bedroom. The exposure to the light right before bed, and the way these electronics stimulate the brain, make it more difficult to fall asleep. If you have to include these items along with your bedroom decor, try turning them off an hour or so before bedtime to encourage better sleep.

Some bedroom decor tips to add color to a room include the use of throw pillows and colorful bedding such as comforters and throws. Adding splashes of color and pattern can allow you to create a bedroom that really reflects your style. Many discount stores sell affordable “bed in a bag” options that include color coordinating bedding, and sometimes offer matching curtain panels as well.

Keep air vents and electrical outlet placement in mind when initially placing or moving bedroom furniture around. Try to keep the bed away from the direct line of overhead air vents, to avoid becoming too cold or too hot when the furnace or air conditioner kicks on. Also, try to place larger furniture pieces in areas where the air vents are unblocked and the air can flow freely so that your bedroom with be comfortably warm or cool as the seasons change. Try to arrange bedside tables and lamps and clock radios and alarm in areas where there is an easily accessible outlet.

Add a few accent pieces such as framed photographs, framed art, or a beautiful quilt as part of the decor. You may also wish to add some room darkening blinds in addition to your curtains if light happens to disturb your sleep.

Keep these bedroom decor tips in mind for a stylish , functional bedroom, that also promotes a healthy night’s sleep.