Home Selling Checklist

When it comes to selling a home, there are several things that the seller must do in order to ensure that the home sells quickly. Most people prefer to use a realtor to help them sell their home, since they are trained to know the real estate market, but whether using a realtor or not, there are some simple things you can do to make sure that your house sells quickly and that the transaction goes smoothly for both you and the buyer. It helps to have a home selling checklist to make sure you remember all of the things you need to do to make selling your home easier.

After your home is inspected by a certified home inspector, you will want to read over his findings. If there are any major issues you were unaware of, decide how you want to go about handling these. Obviously, if you are selling the home you don’t want to invest a lot of money into repairs for a home you will no longer be living in. On the other hand, certain repairs that are not attended to may actually be deal breakers with any potential buyers, so make sure you come up with some kind of compromise to make sure the deal goes through once an offer is made. Also, making sure to price your home within a similar price range as comparable homes in the area is essential for selling it quickly.

Taking care of minor repairs and updates is definitely a worthwhile project. Little things, such as replacing burned out light bulbs, fixing cracked light fixture plates, etc. , go a long way toward making your home look well cared for. A fresh coat of paint on the walls will cover up years of scuffs and marks that come with living in a home. Making sure the sinks and bath tubs and showers are clean and stain free should also be on your home selling checklist.

If you have a badly stained toilet, a cracked toilet seat, or leaking plumbing fixture, these are some relatively inexpensive fixes that should be taken care of. Also, if you are planning on doing any updating or remodeling to increase the chances of selling your home, bathrooms and kitchens are two of the best rooms in which to make an investment. Most improvements and upgrades made on updating kitchens and bathrooms pay off for the seller. Even small additions of high end materials such as granite or marble add value to the home and will assist with resale, because buyers love granite and marble.

Try to look at your home through the eyes of a potential buyer and decide if you would take the home “as is”, or of there are other small things you can do to make it look extra spiffy for potential buyers. Also, make sure the yard and outside entrances to the home are clutter free and in good repair. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges and shrubbery, clean up any toys or unnecessary items. Also, make sure anything of potential danger is taken care of, like a loose hand railing or wobbly step. Potential buyers will notice these things, and first impressions do say a lot about how the home was taken care of and may influence their decision.

Check items off of your home selling checklist as you complete them, and your home will be ready to sell in no time.